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The Capital Riot on January 6th

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  • Which in the current political climate means it will not end any time soon. Trump is setting the table so that nobody running for public office can legitimately be investigated much less charged with a crime in the very near future. Just look at the judges order to appoint a special master, one analysis I read said it pretty much created a new class of citizen making it much more difficult to bring about that "accountability". Trump is going to run in 2024(which he will announce right after the midterms) just to once again enjoy the privilege of being above the law and his fans will cheer his immunity. Congress critters are utterly complicit and half the country is all aboard the Trump train to the Banana Republics of America.


    • Here is something straight out of bizarro world. I would say its unbelievable but Louie Gohmert is involved so yeah, totally believable. The real issue to me is that in my experience, to the republicans I encounter in real life, this is warranted, the Jan 6 folks are patriots that deserve medals not jail time. Its stuff like this that makes it harder and harder to not see the "other" side as detached from reality and yes, even one might say....evil.


      • What I find stranger is that there seems to be legitimate business flying flags above the capital just to sell them, with 100,000 requests a year though no indication of how many they actually sell (the CNN article implied it serviced 100,000 requests but that's over 3000 flags a day).


        • I guess I will put election denier stuff in here? Maybe the Mid-Term strategy thread? Wasn't there a thread about the Big Lie somewhere too? Hard to keep all this BS on the level, I need a bigger shovel or something?

          Prominent election deniers are facing growing legal trouble

          Konnech, which makes scheduling software for poll workers, joined a growing number of election officials and companies that have used defamation law to try to fight back against election-related conspiracies.

          Dominion Voting Systems, as well as another election technology company, Smartmatic, have filed multiple lawsuits against media outlets and prominent Trump-world figures that spread allegedly defamatory claims about them in the 2020 election. Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Moss, the latter of whom testified in front of the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, have also filed lawsuits alleging that they were defamed by election conspiracy theories and subjected to "vitriol, threats, and harassment." A Pennsylvania postal service employee also took legal action, and alleged that he was falsely accused of manipulating vote-by-mail ballots in the 2020 election. Conspiracy theories about the 2020 election have continued to spread, but there's some indication that these lawsuits have pushed such claims farther from the mainstream of conservative media and toward the fringes, with some on the self-publishing digital newsletter platform Substack.

          Konnech's lawsuit targets True the Vote, which has made a name for itself with dubious claims of widespread voter fraud, including the film "2,000 Mules," and has been increasingly linked to QAnon. Konnech claims in its lawsuit that True the Vote and its leaders, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, have falsely accused Konnech of orchestrating "a red Chinese communist op run against the United States" and improperly accessed Konnech's data.
          "I will state clearly and unequivocally: neither Eugene Yu nor Konnech are in any way associated with the Chinese Communist Party," said Goldberg.

          In an unusual move, a federal judge agreed to issue a temporary restraining order against True the Vote, which requires the group to turn over "all property and data obtained from Konnech's protected computers," and blocks True the Vote from "using, disclosing, or exploiting the property and data downloaded from Konnech's protected computers."


          • House passes electoral law overhaul in response to Jan. 6

            The bill would clarify in the law that the vice president’s role presiding over the count is only ceremonial and that he or she cannot change the results. It also sets out that each state can only send one certified set of electors after Trump’s allies had unsuccessfully tried to put together alternate slates of illegitimate pro-Trump electors in swing states where Biden won.

            “This bill will make it harder to convince people that they have the right to overthrow an election,” Lofgren said.

            The legislation would increase the threshold for individual lawmakers’ objections to any state’s electoral votes, requiring a third of the House and a third of the Senate to object to trigger votes on the results in both chambers. Currently, only one lawmaker in the House and one lawmaker in the Senate has to object. The House bill would set out very narrow grounds for those objections, an attempt to thwart baseless or politically motivated challenges.

            In addition, the bill would require courts to get involved if state or local officials want to delay a presidential vote or refuse to certify the results.
            TL;DR including the above, 9 house republicans join dems in passing it, 10 in the senate to pass the senate version. It's definitely a step in the right direction in preventing the tactic they attempted to use in 2020 from working in the future... and needless to say most of the GOP is screaming and whining about how this is an attack on trump.


            • Easy E
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              Just to be clear, the House passed this, and the Senate is working on similar legislation BUT nothing has passed the Senate yet and nothing has been signed into law yet.

              Therefore, none of this matters yet.

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              My bad, I thought it said the senate had passed their version?

          • I love that the R’s had to pass it under threat of Kamala just choosing the next winner herself.


            • Originally posted by AduroT View Post
              I love that the R’s had to pass it under threat of Kamala just choosing the next winner herself.
              Which would only happen in their weird fever dreams, not in reality. A perfect example of their insanity and stupidity being so complete it has come around like the broken clock to getting something right now and then, even if for the wrong reason


              • Nazi sympathizer and Army reservist who stormed the Capitol sentenced to 4 years in Jan. 6 case

                A Jan. 6 rioter who has dressed up as Adolf Hitler and held a security clearance was sentenced to four years in federal prison Thursday.

                Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, 32, of New Jersey, who was an Army reservist when he stormed the U.S. Capitol in January 2021, was convicted in May after he failed to convince jurors that he didn’t know that Congress met at the Capitol, a claim he made on the stand to avoid a conviction for obstruction of Congress.

                “I know this sounds idiotic, but I’m from New Jersey,” Hale-Cusanelli told jurors when he said he didn't know Congress met at the Capitol. “I feel like an idiot, it sounds idiotic, and it is.”
                Well, he is correct, he is a massive idiot.

                U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden, a Trump-appointed judge who oversaw Hale-Cusanelli’s trial, previously said the defendant's testimony was "highly dubious" and indicated that he was open to a sentencing enhancement. On Thursday, McFadden said that the claim that Hale-Cusanelli didn't know Congress met at the Capitol was a "risible lie" and an "obvious attempt" to avoid accountability.
                McFadden said Hale-Cusanelli "absolutely knew" that Congress met at the Capitol, noting that he had even told his roommate that he was outside of the House of Representatives on Jan. 6. McFadden also said he was "appalled" by Hale-Cusanelli's language to a female officer on Jan. 6, in which he called her an unprintable word.

                Hale-Cusanelli told the judge ahead of his sentencing that he had owed members of Congress and law enforcement an apology.

                "I disgraced my uniform and I disgraced the country," he said. "I do say ugly things" that are "repugnant" in the eyes of many, he said. He assured the judge that he would "never see my face in court after this" and that the time he spent in solitary confinement had changed who he was.

                Federal prosecutors had sought 6 1/2 years in prison. Hale-Cusanelli was convicted on all five counts he faced, including a felony charge of obstruction of an official proceeding. McFadden found, however, that a lower sentencing range should apply because interfering with the certification of the Electoral College vote did not qualify as interfering with the "administration of justice."
                "A student of history and government who had previously explained the intricacies of Presidential election procedure to his friends, Hale-Cusanelli falsely testified at trial that he did not know that: (a) 'Congress' sat in the Capitol building; (b) the Electoral College Certification Proceeding was taking place in the building; and (c) when he entered the Capitol, members of Congress were still there, having fled and hidden from the mob," they wrote. "Hale-Cusanelli lied on the stand."
                Honestly, 4 years seems pretty low.


                • At least he can write about his struggle in prison.


                  • You'd think lying under oath would stack some additional penalty on top, too.


                    • I’m not even surprised just How Fucking Thick these chucklefucks are proving to be.