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  • Moderator Election

    It’s time to have a confirmation vote for the current mod team. Our mods are SilverbackWookie, nfe, Hordini and Bunnies. Please vote yes if you are happy with the current mod team, or if you are grudgingly accepting of the current mod team. Please vote no if the current mod team is completely unacceptable to you. If you have a strong issue with at least one specific mod, but generally think the rest are okay, please vote for the third option and then type up who you have a problem with and why, ideally with links to back up your opinion.

    thank you.
    Yes for the current mod team
    No for the current mod team
    No for a specific mod

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    I thought there was a 3 month "bedding in period", before a vote?


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      I don’t remember.

      We were discussing the vote in the mod forum and decided it was about time.


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        Found it, NFE brought it up here;


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          There has been very little conversation in the thread about elections and recalls so we thought about how to at least give people a direct opportunity to endorse the current team for the interim and a straight vote on the team but with the option to present issues with anyone specific seemed a fair fit.

          A full election is still the intention but we need some more commentary from the userbase about what system they'd find most agreeable!


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            Well, politics is boring, especially elections so I understand why there's little input. Personally I thought the original format was decent.

            However, I'll be honest, it seems a bit soon to endorse the team as it is, its been less than a month since "the event". There have been no howlers as yet, but tbf the forum is only starting to gather pace and things have been fairly amicable so far.

            Let's see how the team handle themselves when it's a bit more spicy first.


            • nfe
              nfe commented
              Editing a comment
              All fair. This wasn't intended as a lasting endorsement, really just a thumbs up that people are happy with the current set up for the interim till we get the first firm election in place in case anyone had any immediate objections.

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            Everything seems to be going ok so far. It's a yes from me.


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              I voted in this. Subtract a yes vote for better objectivity.


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                If it's an interim show of support for the current team until full elections then they have my support, decent chaps/chapettes no problems with any of them.

                However, can we set a date for full elections and a format for them to take part in? I thought the original 3 months was a good period of time that allowed things to settle down and so far this has been the case. This will form the future of the site, we would need a length of service (one year?) and an agreed method of volunteering/ nomination.

                I'd suggest that in order to become a moderator, a volunteer must have support from another member in good standing (ie seconded) and then provide a short explanation of why they would like to volunteer, what changes they might like to implement or the vision they have for the forum.

                As to the format for voting, that can certainly be discussed, I personally favour a Single Transferable Vote system that selects the Top 4 candidates. However one thing I think should be considered is that the arbiters of the vote should not be a current member of the team to ensure impartiality.