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  • My next step: With

    A popular saying in wh40k is "To withdraw in disgust is not cowardice."

    Well, i think it's time i withdrew in disgust, the fucking stupidity here has reached a point where it disgusts me. Christ on a cock we have people arguing china isn't so bad while it's putting people in concentration camps for having a religion or ethnic identity the mandarin class disapproves of, murdering dissidents and selling their organs for transplants, putting cameras absolutely everywhere con constant surveillance and instant judgement of a person's status, etc. Jesus fucking christ how the fuck does anyone defend that? Because a few chinese college exchange students smile and act nice?

    No, the stupidity here is just un fucking believable. Plus I see a popular user here who's name i refuse ot bother remember or typing uses an avatar of a terrorist and unrepentant murderer so I use one of someone that some might call a terrorist, and get questioned about it. I point out no one seem to objec tto oogagooga using a far worse person as an avatar and that i won;t answer the question due to it's hypocrisy, and WHAM! Banned for days

    I can't believe some of your stupid cunts can even find your computer's on switches. Maybe they made using them too damn easy.

    Time to just withdraw in disgust, i mean i can finally fucking LEAVE this dump, with it's whopping two active forums, as it's reached a point where it disgusts me. I couldn't let you cunts ban me, but now i can finally leave having seen it's a waste of time.

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    Yeah, whatever, see ya,


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      I'll help.