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    I've just found "The Watch" on iPlayer. As a bit of a PTerry fan it is with a due sense of dread that I am about to crack open a beer and see what they've done to my beloved Night Watch.
    Wish me luck.

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    Well, that's the first two episodes watched and its, different. I knew all about the character changes and the "artistic licence" they've taken with the story before going in and I'm not sure how I feel about it at the minute.

    All the changes, combined with the use of recognisable parts from the books is a bit jarring, it's making it a bit difficult to watch as I am confronted with so many things that just don't seem to "fit", that and I'm spending time thinking about which book they've taken certain references from.

    I also haven't laughed once yet. Seeing as that's a core part of PTerry's work it seems to have lost a pretty important aspect of his books. Maybe it'll get better once I get used to it. I'll watch some more tomorrow.


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      I got through the whole thing, and for what it is, it’s pretty good.

      As a Discworld fan, I just had to push aside my “but….but……that’s not how it works” type stuff, and just enjoy it for what it is,

      Certainly I’ve seen far, far worse programmes


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        Episode 4 and first chuckle, the Displacement Spell.

        It's actually starting to grow on me. It's different, definitely, but quite good in it's own right.


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          Pretty much my assessment. It gets quite trippy in places too.

          Kinda hopeful for a second series.


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            I find PTerry's work relies too much on the written word to make the transition to screen.


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              I think it depends on how it is done. Good Omens came across very well, for example.


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                I'll give The Watch a go now it's on the iPlayer. Good Omens was very good but pretty much every other adaption I've seen never hits the mark. Terry's work just seems suited to books - the paragraphs of text that fill in the background and/or give an insight to a character's inner workings, the footnotes, THE WAY DEATH TALKS.... it all adds up to an experience that is best read, not watched. Somehow the idea of The Grim Reaper is hard to show as a terrifying entity and collector of souls and then as serving alligator sandwiches in a tavern or standing in for Father Christmas. The juxtaposition, the jokes, work better in the written form. The best gags are in these extra paragraphs too, rather in the dialogue between characters.


                • Mad Doc Grotsnik
                  Mad Doc Grotsnik commented
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                  It doesn’t have the strongest start. But push past the “well that’s not book accurate” bits. It gets some bits surprisingly spot on, and where it diverges it’s not a massive mess.

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                Originally posted by R_Squared View Post
                I think it depends on how it is done. Good Omens came across very well, for example.
                Good Omens is part Neil Gaiman, that may be part of it!


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                  Also Neil Gaiman was instrumental in its production and he was able to keep a firm hand on the tiller which he did out of respect for TP.


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                    As someone who hasn’t read Discworld and this couldn’t be let down by unfaithfulness, I thought the show was ok. Not amazing, but I watched the whole thing with little regret.