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  • What are you working on?

    Me myself, i am writing a paper about the philosophical foundations (and legitimations) of the half-direct democracy in switzerland.

    Fascinating theme, elements of the philosophical discourse reach back into the late medieval and early modern period, especially in regards to what is used to legitimise government.
    F.e. Bern used to style itself as a roman republic 2.0, including building and rebuilding roman bridges and waystones. It even copied further symbolism of the roman republic and ties in its understanding back to a machiavellian republicanism. Which got connected due to oligarchisation and other conflicts in the 18th century to a specific form of enlightenment nationalism, funnily on the basis of machiavelli and montesquieus virtuous republican behaviour. Which in turn however also had strong participatory elements to it, which then got further generalised and became a type of "national-tradition". Blame Rousseau for that one.

    Its also interesting since its equally an history of ideas and ideals and their effects upon reality. Aswell as how ideals and ideas especially in traditional (or artificial traditional) form can determine a "Soll-Zustand" (Should be state of affairs) vastly being wrong on a historical basis and yet still work as if it were right.

    What are you doing right now?
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    Picking up tickets that the service desk have assigned to my team over the weekend, and largely sighing at how trivial they are and wondering why the service desk didn't fix them already...


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      So...mindless tasks for you due to lazyness of others?

      T.E.A.M.: Toll en andere Machts. --> Nice another one does my job for me.

    • Crispy78
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      We're in a fun situation at the moment where the client company I work for has just changed IT service providers. I was transferred over to the new provider, but the service desk and all the remote support teams are new. So I'm having to pick up stuff I would normally expect the service desk to resolve, plus in some cases guide the remote teams on what they need to do. Plus my team is a man down after one of my colleagues elected to stay with the previous IT provider, and we're still waiting for him to be replaced.

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    Picking through my case load. Our management information thing was on the blink last week, so I had no way to track where I was up to. So playing catch up today.


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      Like most Early Career Researchers waiting on one of the 30 jobs in the country to open up, I have a few things going on.

      Right this minute, I'm doing preliminary research to prep a funding proposal for a project looking at demographic representation in Ancient Near Eastern archaeology in UK institutions, why it is what it is, and how it informs pedagogy.

      In two weeks I'll start teaching and a couple weeks after that I start a contract to write a new course on decolonisation in archaeological practice and teaching.


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        I'm just focusing on keeping my business open. As in literally keeping the doors open. The pandemic was a give/take situation for me. When we are open we make MASSIVE profit, and the waitstaff rake in piles of cash. Both sales and tips are up about 25% per month over pre lockdown records that were still pretty decent.

        The problem is that instead of my usual staff of 14 people (myself included) we are down to 9. Of that 9 it includes 4 ladies and one cook over the age of 55. Now one of that waitresses are out with a torn knee tendon. I just can't get anyone to sign on, despite the fact that my entire staff is making money hand-over-fist. I've hired three people in the last 4 months. One never showed up for their first day. A 25 year-old that came to work when she felt like it missing 14 of her 39 scheduled shifts and literally told me "you're lucky I show up as much as I do." One was an airhead that never disclosed that she has severe anxiety to the point she can't work with the public (she was wait staff).

        The business is good, and everyone initially was doing the happy dance from all the overtime pay. 6 months in and we're all getting burned. I know I am. 60+ hours per week will do that to you. I'm now closing my doors early 2-3 times per week.
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        • Lord0fHats
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          As someone who once worked 60 hours a week at 2 jobs for about three months a couple years ago, it burns you out fucking fast. It's really miserable.

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        Getting ready to go to my first music concert in Kentucky (Louder than Life)... just got my tickets on resale (venue is requiring vaccinations records or proof of neg 'rona and a lot of folks asked for refund so the tickets got much cheaper). Also booked an air b-n-b 12 mins from the venue. Totally stoked for this lineup:

        Also painting and assembling gobs of Thousand Sons models, absolute worst painting job ever. (spray painting the whole model gold and "filling in" the blues).


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          Originally posted by SilverbackWookie View Post
          Totally stoked for this lineup:

          I always like looking at lineup posters for places outside Europe. It's always jarring to see how different bands' relative size in different territories can be: not only do Staind still exist, they can get billed alongside Metallica and Cypress Hill?! Rise Against above Gojira and Killswitch?! What is a Machine Gun Kelly and how can it headline a $300 festival?

          Then assumptions I'd have made are wildly wrong. I'd think Tremonti would be a massive sell in the US but he's right down the bill.

          Presumably one of those Metallica sets is a 30th Anniversary Black Album one. I think I'd be giving that a miss but it must have cost a fortune.


          • SilverbackWookie
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            With fees and shit, the 4 day tickets I got worked out to be 212 per.

            According to my boys, Machine Gun Kelly is mega popular.

            I'm going for Metallica, Badflower, Snoop Dog and Disturbed. Not familiar with Tremonti, but I'll check 'em out!

          • nfe
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            I don't like Tremonti at all but it's the guitarist from Creed who were obviously a massive deal in the US and it's the same kinda stadium-filler radio rock.

          • feeder
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            Machine Gun Kelly is a very popular rapper, a new generation's Eminem. He got in an altercation recently with Conor Macgregor when he refused a picture with the professional fighter/nutjob. It is strange to see objectively awful bands like Staind still get billing. I suspect a heat map of meth use and Staind ticket sales overlap a lot

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          Instructing a bunch of Pathfinders, planning for a Forward Op Base Exercise, preparing for my Examiner's examination, coaching a new scrote prepping her first tasking in Wales and significantly upping my phys in preparation for my Survive Evade Resist Extract training later this year.


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            Just working the corporate job, doing the corporate thing. Like Cuda, we are hiring like mad for the Holiday Season. However, our role is Work-From-Home now so we are getting a decent amount of interest. However, there is 3% of the Population that can not work for various reasons, and our unemployment in the area is getting to those levels.

            I am also launching a Patreon for Blood and Spectacles soon, promoting two new Osprey books; Wars of the Republic and Castles in the Sky (both available for pre-order!) and creating a ton of content for the blog to support the release of Wars of the Republic. Plus, I am doing playtesting on some other games in the pipeline.

            On the painting front I am working on two units of Irregular Infantry for ancients, and a Nativity scene.