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    Originally posted by GreatBigTree View Post
    By their own words, we have no rules. And the guidelines can be ignored if you don’t like something.

    And our mods are beholden to no one, and no code of conduct short of Bob and Newt not giving them the boot. So if they’re ok with that state... nothing is forbidden.

    There are are no rules to follow. Just what the mob will tolerate. Where is the flaw in my logic?

    EDIT: That is not democratic in any way. It is indifference at best, tyranny at worst.
    What are you wanking on about? That is absolute bollocks mate.

    There are proposed rules, there is an interim mod team and a process is being setup to elect Mods which may or may not be made up of the current team. The "mob" is the user base who have a hand in how the rules are being made and who and how behaviour and discussion is moderated, after all they are the ones driving the discussions on here, without them you have nothing.


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      The reopening after the forum nuke was 02/06 (sensible European dating). Newt spoke to me about modding on 05/06 so maybe the new forum started about 06/06?

      Does the 6th of September feel like a reasonable date for an election? Or sometime around then - maybe it's best to end it on a particular day of the week?


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        Do the change on the Saturday that week? People will be more likely to be able to have a minute free at the computer on a weekend in case there's an issue with the handover and such, accounts changing and all?


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          Seems reasonable.